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Geography: Area: 1,214 sq. miles, 1,045 land and 186 water ( The Pennsylvania County of Lycoming is larger in area than the entire State of Rhode Island.)
Greatest Distances: North to south - 48 miles, East to West - 37 miles
Elevation: Highest - Jerimoth Hill in Foster (812 feet), Lowest - sea level along the Atlantic coast
Population: 987,429 - Urban 86%, Rural 14%
Coastline: Over 400 miles
Climate: Average January temperature - 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Average July temperature 72 degrees Fahrenheit
Yearly Precipitation: 44 inches (average)
State Flag: White, bearing each side in the center a gold anchor and underneath in a blue ribbon with the motto thereof is the work "Hope"
State Bird: Rhode Island Red, a breed of fowl
State Tree: Red Maple (acer rubrem)
State Flower: Violet (viola palmata)
State Shell: Quahog, shellfish
State Mineral: Bowenite, a close relative of Jade
State Rock: Cumberlandite, dark brown or black with white markings